Volume LII, No. 12, September 18, 2020



Reed Midem​​ has announced that​​ MIPCOM 2020​​ goes 100% digital. It begins October 12-16 but the platform will be available online from October 5 to November 17th and includes​​ MIPCOM Junior.​​ 

CONTACT:​​ Reed MIDEM, Paris, France. Tel. 33-1-4662-1777. Fax 33-1-4662-1797. Web:​​ www.mipworld.com​​ 




The​​ National Association of Broadcasters​​ has re-scheduled the​​ 2021 NAB​​ show in Las Vegas for October 9-13, 2021. The organization’s president says because of the COVID-19 pandemic,​​ NAB​​ has concerns around being able to deliver the type of annual event in April that will not only drive results, but one that can be produced safely for all involved and without significant limitations on the experience.​​ 

CONTACT:​​ NAB, Washington, D.C., USA. Tel. 1-202-429-3183. Web:​​ https://nab.org​​ 




ZDF Enterprises​​ will distribute​​ “Frontlines,”​​ a new World War II history series focusing on eight iconic battlefields and the fierce combat and life and death struggles of the soldiers who fought on those frontlines. Midway, Anzio, Monte Cassino, Omaha, Hill 112, Bastogne, Iwo Jima and Berlin make up the eight episodes that reveal the turning points in some of WW II’s most decisive confrontations. First person testimony, unique location demonstrations, cutting edge analysis and vivid storytelling bring these crucial frontlines alive, dispelling the myths. Bringing the series to life from all angles, the stories are told not only from the foxhole, bunker or cockpit, but also by those in the vital support roles (8 x50’).​​ 

CONTACT:​​ ZDF Enterprises, Mainz, Germany. Tel. 49-6131-991-1601. Fax 49-6131-991-1612. Web:​​ www.zdf-enterprises.de​​ 




Artform Productions, Ukraine has produced​​ “Behind the Shop Window,”​​ a multi-part romance drama. Series is a fairy tale love story following brilliant entrepreneur and eligible bachelor Andrey Vetrov who owns fashion stores. He never suffers from a lack of female attention so why can’t he stop thinking about little, ugly, poorly-dressed provincial girl Galya—an​​ inconspicuous saleswoman who is desperately trying to get out of poverty and feed her two brothers? ​​ Series is distributed by​​ GoQuest Media​​ (16 x 45’).​​ ​​ 

CONTACT:​​ GoQuest Media Ventures, Mumbai, India. Tel. 91-22-495-591-00. Email:​​ contact@goquestmedia.com ​​ ​​ ​​​​ Web:​​ www.goquestmedia.com




Pikkukala,​​ Helsinki​​ &​​ Barcelona;​​ Lunanime, Belgium;​​ and​​ Ink and Light Films, Ireland are co-producing​​ “Royals Next Door,”​​ a 2D animation series with photographic backgrounds aimed at 7 to 12-year-old children.​​ Crown Princess Stella has just received the best news ever! ​​ Due to water damage in the castle,​​ the royal family must move out. ​​ Queen Kat sees it as the perfect opportunity to modernize. In line with King Bob’s royal motto “closer to the people”, they decide to live in a normal house in an ordinary suburb. ​​ It’s time to show the people that the Royals are just like everyone else and Stella who has her own Royal Vlog on YouTube will also share anecdotes about her new life as a normal girl, review everyday objects, share amazing findings, and much more!​​ (52 x11’).​​ 

CONTACT:​​ Dandeloo, Paris, France. Tel. 33-9-7264-4601. Web:​​ www.dandeloo.com​​ 




“SeaBelievers”​​ is an outstanding TV series – the first ever to represent a whole new genre of ECO-tainment. This genre created by Brien Arone, Founder and SeaEO of SeaBelievers, combines the benefit of edu-tainment for children being informative and realistic about real-life issues affecting our ocean and encouraging kids to make a difference.​​ Series is​​ a fun and entertaining;​​ each episode​​ presents​​ a stunning and engaging musical ECO-adventure with original tunes to sing and dance along​​ with​​ (52​​ x 11’).

CONTACT:​​ Studio 100 Media, Munich, Germany. Tel. 49-89-5434-4780. Fax 49-89-5434-47810. Web: ​​ www.studio100media.com




The Telco Report​​ is accepting program listings for our upcoming​​ MIPCOM 2020​​ edition. Please see our website for further details. The deadline for the​​ MIPCOM​​ special edition is​​ Tuesday, September​​ 22, 2020. Please note that we publish year-round and that new program listings are welcome any time.​​ 

CONTACT:​​ The Telco Report, Santa Monica, CA, USA. Telephone 1-310-828-4003 Email:​​ info@telcoreport.com ​​​​ Web:​​ www@telcoreport.com​​ 


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