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HBO will debut “Warning: This Drug May Kill You” on May 1, 2017.  From journalist Perri Peltz (HBO’s “Risky Drinking”), program tells devastating personal stories of families who have lost a loved one to an opioid overdose, all of them the result of addictions that started with doctors’ prescriptions of dangerous painkillers such as OxyContin, Vicodin and Percocet. Film takes an unflinching look at ordinary people whose lives turned on a dime after minor and major ailments led to the over-prescription of highly addictive opioids, which are often the gateway to heroin. The film shines a light on the role the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment have played in the alarming rise of opioid prescriptions. Also featuring harrowing pictures and cellphone videos, the documentary puts a human face on the epidemic of U.S. opioid addiction and its grave consequences in San Francisco (60’). 

CONTACT: Home Box Office, New York, NY, USA. Tel. 1-212-512-1000. Fax 1-212-512-5102. Web:



Forum des Images/Series Mania, has announced that the Israël/France submission of the drama series, “Fertile Crescent,” as winner of the Series Mania Project Award. The jury, including president Francesca Orsi, co-head of drama, HBO; Thomas Bourguignon, producer, KWAI; Piv Bernth, head of drama, DR; Henrik Pabst, managing director, Red Arrow International; and Pilar Perez Roel, head of acquisitions, DCD Rights, had the distinct honor of presenting the team from “Fertile Crescent,” including Maria Feldman (Masha Productions), Eitan Mansuri (Spiro Films), Caroline Benjo, Carole Scotta and Simon Arnal (Haut et Court TV) with a check for €50,000 to help finance its development. This marks the first year that a monetary prize has been given to the winners. An eight-part drama/thriller, series follows a man’s search for his sister, originally thought to have been killed in terrorist bombing in Jerusalem, among Kurdish fighters in Syria (8 x 52’).

CONTACT: Forum des Images, Paris, France. Tel. 33-1-44-76-63-07. Email:   Web:


Saicom Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd., is pleased to announce the second edition of Global Content Bazar 2018, to be held from January 19-20, 2018 at the World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai. Global Content Bazar is an excellent platform for buyers, sellers, distributors and syndicators; as well as for film commissions and location providers, to meet the right production companies, partners and serious film makers. India's first ever content market, Global Content Bazar 2017 hit the bulls eye, witnessing many eager, high-quality trade visitors who echoed a sentiment of highly beneficial exchanges and interactions with exhibitors, buyers, sellers, syndicators, distributors and participants, delivering on its promise of showcasing the latest in content for film, television, animation, documentaries, shorts, virtual reality, web TV, OTT-IPTV-VOD, 3D, music, radio, interactive gaming, mobile and more.

CONTACT: Saicom Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India. Tel. 91-22-2215-1396. Email: Web:





With a young and adventurous vibe to it Lifehunters, the Ultimate Expedition” is a unique game show made up by the viewer online. Through an online platform, viewers can submit their wildest challenges for consideration. The challenge that receives the most votes most will be taken up and shown on prime-time television. The challenges, which are stimulating and inspiring, are also funny, exciting and have one thing in common—they seem impossible! The contestants will need to conquer their fears and visit the most extreme places on earth. During their travels, they meet bizarre people while pushing themselves to the limit to succeed their challenges, which range from starting their own country to building a submarine trying to become famous in Japan (60’ weekly format).

CONTACT: Ohm TV, Cologne, Germany. Tel. 49-22-1759-1455.  Fax 49-22-1759-1456. Web:


Dynamic mother-daughter home renovation and flipping duo, Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak, will return for a new season of HGTV’s hit series “Good Bones” on May 30. Attracting more than 13 million total viewers in its first season, the series follows mom Karen, a former lawyer, and daughter Mina, a real estate agent, as they revitalize Indianapolis neighborhoods one house at a time. The new 13-episode season will feature the fearless twosome as they tackle their most drastic home renovation projects yet, gutting each dilapidated home to the studs and transforming them into stunning remodels. New this season, Karen and Mina will take on bigger risks and even tougher renovations—from repairing haphazard foundations to reconstructing homes from the ground up. Each episode will feature the pair as they overcome numerous construction nightmares, including reconfiguring outdated home layouts to suit modern families and adding major amenities such as new kitchens, large master suites and new outdoor areas perfect for entertaining (13 x 30’).

CONTACT: Scripps Networks, Knoxville, TN, USA. Tel. 1-865-694-2700. Fax 1-865-690-9964.  Web:  



An all-new drama series, “Highway of Love” centers on an infamous Belgian thoroughfare lined with houses of ill repute. When Sylvia Carlier unexpectedly inherits one of these brothels following the untimely death of her father, she must make the best of the situation. Fleeing with her two children from a crumbling marriage, this suburban housewife is left with little choice but to master the situation (10 x 50’).

CONTACT: ZDF Enterprises, Mainz, Germany. Tel. 49-6131-991-1601. Fax 49-6131-991-1612. Web:



Combining live-action and animated content, Raggs is an award-winning musical preschool series starring five canine characters, Raggs, Trilby, Pido, B. Max and Razzles, with special cameo appearances by their wise-cracking cat, Dumpster. Not your average pups, they also play rockin’ music as The Raggs Band. Join them in behind the scenes for exciting adventures in their cool clubhouse. The half-hour series may also be easily edit for five-minute or eleven minute formats (52 x 13’).

CONTACT: Global Telemedia Inc., Boston, MA, USA. Tel. 1-203-247-3888. Email:  Web:



Set in the Alps and aimed at kids age six to eight, “Belle and Sebastian” follows the outdoor adventures of a young boy, Sebastian, and his huge white dog, Belle. Always on the lookout for adventure, Belle and Sebastian will rush to anybody’s rescue, friend or foe, whatever the risk. The two together are living proof that friendship really can move mountains. Currently in production with co-producer PVP Group, animated series is based on  Cecile Aubry’s original live-action series from the 1960s by (52 x 13’).

CONTACT: Gaumont Animation, Paris, France. Tel. 33-1-4996-4400. Fax 33-1-4996-4433. Web:



“The Ranch” is an epic and sentimental adventure of four teens with their horses and the rescue home they build in the heart of the wild French countryside. Continuing the story from the first series, series two of The Ranch follows a young girl named Lena and her struggles to hold onto Mistral, the black stallion she saved but doesn’t yet own; a gorgeous horse that she deeply loves but which could be taken from her at any moment (season 2, 26 x 26’).

CONTACT: Zodiak Rights, London, UK. Tel. 44-207-013-4400. Fax 44-207-013-4401.  Web:






Currently in production “America’s War on Drugs” is four-part series chronicling America’s crusade against drugs that has cost the nation $1 trillion, thousands of lives, and has not curbed the runaway profits of the international drug business. For the last 50 years, both the vilification and the celebration of recreational drugs have had incredible impact on our collective culture. Series will explore the strange revelations of the profit machine of the drug business, and the impact of the longest “war” in our nation’s history on our lives (4 x 120’).

CONTACT: A+E Networks, New York, NY, USA. Tel. 1-212-210-1400. Fax 1-212-210-9476. Web:


Tackling one the most persistent legends in North America, “Chasing Bigfoot: The Quest for Truth” examines the search for this mystical creature. For decades, grainy photographs and campfire stories told the story of a towering creature that lived in solitude in the forests of Saskatchewan. But, where some see a myth, others see a chance to make history. This fascinating documentary series looks at the Bigfoot legend through the eyes of the true believers who devote their lives to discovering the hidden truth and bringing home the evidence to prove it (5 x 60’, HD). 

CONTACT: Octapixx Worldwide, Toronto, Canada. Tel. 1-416-449-9400. Fax 1-416-449-9498. Web:



First Hand Films is distributing Jaha’s Promise” (aka “The Imam’s Daughter”), a young African woman’s journey to save herself before trying to change her own family and society. It’s a narrative of the push and pull of family and culture and the singular ability of a young woman to bring about change. Full of the raw drama of personal, family, religious and political conflict, film is an extraordinary narrative of individual and social change (52’ or 78’).

CONTACT: First Hand Films, Zürich, Switzerland. Tel. 41-1-312-2060. Fax 41-1-312-2080. Web:

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