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PBS will feature long-running science series NOVA’s most extensive fast-turnaround film to date, "Eclipse Over America” will be the ultimate companion to this spectacular celestial event. NOVA will follow teams working on the forefront of solar science and solar storm detection, incorporating immersive CGI animation to reveal the sun’s secret mechanisms, stunning sequences of the eclipse itself, NASA footage, and more. NOVA will also collaborate with several local public television stations along the path of totality, who will provide footage shot in their own back yards, illustrating the excitement the eclipse generates across the nation. This extraordinary cosmic spectacle will pass through 14 states, and everyone in the continental U.S. will have the opportunity to see at least a partial eclipse, possibly making it the most widely viewed American eclipse of all time. Commencing at 10:15 a.m. PDT (1:15 p.m. EDT), a lunar shadow 73 miles wide will take one hour and 33 minutes to travel from Oregon on the west coast to South Carolina on the east, allowing continuous observation for 90 minutes.

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The Telco Report is accepting program listings for our upcoming SPORTELMonaco and MIPCOM editions. Please see our website for further details. The deadline for both special editions is Friday, September 15, 2017. Please note that we publish year-round and that new program listings are welcome any time. Listings may be submitted via email to; further details are posted here.

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The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that comedian and actor Maz Jobrani, known worldwide for his stereotype bending jokes and riffs about living as an Iranian immigrant in the United States, will host the International Emmy® Awards Gala, on Monday, November 20, 2017 in New York. Jobrani has brought his unique talents to a wide variety of programs & live performances both in the United States and around the world. He has done everything from traditional stand-up comedy to more serious TED talks, collaborating on NPR radio as a regular panelist to writing a bestselling book. A founding member of the “Axis of Evil” comedy tour, he has also performed for the king of Jordan and at the White House for Michelle Obama. Jobrani’s comedy specials have aired on Comedy Central and Showtime and his latest special, “Immigrant,” recently premiered on Netflix.  

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“Beyond Geek” is a fascinating and fun magazine-format series about people who are pushing the limits of science, technology, and everything geek. But this isn’t your ordinary science and technology show—it’s about people who take geek to a whole new level! Each half-hour episode delves into fringe ideas that might seem just a little odd. From a group trying to get to space in a balloon to people who dress up as superheroes to fight crime, our hosts dive deep into these amazing stories by joining in the adventure, and taking you on a truly unique ride of how and why these people do what they do. By the end of the episode, you’ll learn just how cool those strange ideas are and understand why a word that used to be an insult is now the ultimate form of compliment (14 x 30’).

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“Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking” fires up season five by tapping renowned chef Curtis Stone as a new co-host and by covering even more ground. The award-winning food and travel adventure series announced today that it is expanding its footprint and touring diverse locales beyond American shores this season—bringing viewers to Europe and Puerto Rico, in addition to points in the U.S.—to meet Michelin star chefs and award-winning food artisans for memorable culinary experiences and spontaneous savory spreads around the globe. Produced by WGBH and Fine Cooking magazine, and distributed by American Public Television, the 13 all-new episodes premiere on public television stations beginning September 2, 2017 (13 x 30’).

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“French Food at Home” celebrates everyday French foods at one of the culinary touchstones of our time.  Host Laura Calder shares her enthusiasm for French cooking, offering recipes and ideas to make it easy to prepare contemporary French cuisine at home. Series invites viewer to share in a lifestyle that brings the magic of French cooking into their homes. Available in HD (78 x 30’). 

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“Terrific Trucks” has begun airing on the 24 hour preschool channel Sprout. Kids can get on the road with five real trucks as they tackle tough projects. Each truck brings their unique personality and skills to the team to help get the job done—proving it’s always best when you are working together! (52 x 11’). 

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A live-action series for six- to nine-year-olds, Lolly Laffalot features Lolly, who spends most of her spare time at home with her best friends Cara and Marx. Hardly surprising, as her father Lex is an inventor and Lolly’s house is a great place to play. Most of the time her dad Lex is away from home and often sends his daughter new inventions – to try them out, to help her and her friends or for some other reason. The thing is–something always does go wrong with these experiments. Marx thinks all inventions are cool, while Cara is more skeptical and is afraid of everything. But together they have loads of fun (26 x 12’).

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In “Journey to Glo E,” Lilly discovers her stuffed bear can come to life, and she embarks on a fantastical journey to the land of Glo E®, where imagination and adventure run wild. On a mission to save her little sister, Piper, from the villainous Gloeless, Lilly befriends the quirky Gloelins™, creatures who are not quite monsters, not quite pets, but always housebroken.  Together with her newfound Gloelin friends, Lilly learns that the power of imagination can save the day (45’).

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“Stem Cell Therapy: Biotechnology to the Rescue” is a science documentary that explains what stem cells are and the nature of stem cell therapy by exploring the science behind regenerative medicine and relating personal stories of people who have had the treatment.  Looking at the future implications of the fact that this therapy has the potential to dramatically change the cures and the handling of human disease, doctors, surgeons, and experts in this field discuss both sides of the controversy raging in academia and the health care community (60’, HD).

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“The Reagan Presidency” is a three-part series focused on the critical foreign and domestic policy decisions Reagan made during his two terms in office (1981-1989). This landmark documentary offers a historical portrait of America’s 40th President as told through the recollections, observations and opinions of those who knew him and experts who have analyzed the Reagan presidency. The focus of the documentary is the crucial events associated with his two-term presidency and the legacy he left behind (3 x 60’, HD).

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Presented by Julian Davison, Ottomans and Christians: Battle For Europe” is a documentary series that leads audiences on a swashbuckling adventure to some of the most extraordinary destinations in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. With the help of esteemed historians, re-enactors and actors portraying some of the period’s most remarkable figures, we relive the most dramatic and pivotal moments of this legendary clash of civilizations and uncover its rich and potent legacy (3 x 52’).

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