Volume LIII, No. 19, September 17, 2021



Participants in​​ the hidden camera format​​ “What the F***?!”​​ get the chance to surprise their family and friends in a unique and spectacular way.​​ Over a couple of weeks, participants secretly learn​​ a new talent​​ that seems impossible or totally unexpected from them. Once they learn and master their new skill, they will surprise their nearest and dearest with hidden cameras capturing the big reveal​​ (10 x 45’).​​ 

CONTACT:​​ GoQuest Media Ventures, Mumbai, India. Tel. 91-22-495-591-00. Email:​​ contact@goquestmedia.com ​​ ​​ ​​​​ Web:​​ www.goquestmedia.com



“100% Wolf – Legend of the Moonstone”​​ is a hilarious and dramatic concept about a boy trying to find his way in a difficult world - one in which he is an outsider. He is a poodle with a pink mane in a world of werewolves and with this brings not only the recognizable challenge of the ‘fish out of water’, but in addition he is the future pack leader and expected to be the very best of his kind, no matter his outward form. Set up with a huge problem to solve across the series, his story takes off as part mystery, part drama and always comedic. Set in an elite academy, the world will be recognizable from the movie​​ 100% Wolf,​​ its progenitor, and the daily trials and relationship characteristics will be familiar to kids around the world. Never has school been so weird, so challenging or so much fun!​​ (26​​ x​​ 22’).

CONTACT:​​ Studio 100 Media, Munich, Germany. Tel. 49-89-960855-0. Email:​​ distribution@studio100media.com ​​​​ Web: ​​ www.studio100group.com



An animated series for four- to seven-year-olds,​​ “Billy the Cowboy Hamster”​​ is currently​​ in production.​​ ​​ Growing up in the Wild West and raised on the exciting stories told by his father, Billy​​ is equipped​​ with his cowboy outfit, and​​ has a burning desire to hit the trail. Every new day presents him with an opportunity to go on an adventure worthy of the greatest cowboys, he is determined not to miss out.​​ He takes with him his faithful friend Jean-Claude the worm, and his accomplice Suzie the stone marten​​ (52 x 11’).

CONTACT: Dandeloo, Paris, France. Tel. 33-9-7264-4601. Email:​​ contact@dandeloo.com ​​ ​​​​ Web: www.dandeloo.com​​ 



Legendary Heroes,​​ from​​ ZDF’s​​ renowned​​ Terra X​​ documentary slot, was filmed in nine countries across Europe. Produced by​​ NFP Media Rights​​ with​​ ARTE​​ as co-producer, the three-part series looks at fantastical stories that have enthralled humanity for centuries, seeking their origin and whether any truth exists behind the legends. The series begins with King Arthur, a literary invention of the 12th century. Likely inspired by a British ruler from the late antique period, the 4th and 5th centuries when Roman rule was coming to an end and the country was divided into numerous kingdoms. Leading the​​ defense​​ of Britain against Saxon invaders, the romantic legend of King Arthur has been a subject of fascination ever since. The magnificent​​ ruins​​ excavated in Cornwall in 2018 have​​ given scientists cause to believe​​ that​​ the ruins of Tintagel might be the​​ long-lost​​ castle of​​ Camelot​​ (3 x 60’).

CONTACT:​​ ZDF Enterprises, Mainz, Germany. Tel. 49-6131-991-1601. Fax 49-6131-991-1612. Web:​​ www.zdf-enterprises.de



Every year, the world’s leading producers of children’s television compete to be recognized at​​ the International Emmy® Kids Awards, the world’s preeminent platform for global excellence in television. Emmys for kids’ content are presented annually at​​ MIPCOM.​​ The​​ 10th International Emmy® Kids Awards​​ will take place during​​ MIP Junior​​ on October 12, 2021, and will also be streamed live on the​​ IATAS​​ website.​​ 

CONTACT:​​ The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, New York, NY USA. Tel. 1-212-489-6969. Fax 1-212-489-6557. Web:​​ www.iemmys.tv



Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, designers and married dads of two, will give family homes meaningful, personalized renovations in their new​​ HGTV​​ series​​ “The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project.”​​ Premiering​​ October​​ 5, the six-episode docu-series will follow the duo to meetings with their clients where they hear family stories and help decide which sentimental possessions to keep, repurpose or donate. Once rooms and items are sorted, Nate and Jeremiah will renovate the house into an expressly personal and beautiful home for everyone. In the premiere episode, Nate and Jeremiah will venture to Queens, New York, to help two sisters keep the charm and fond memories from their childhood home alive while also giving the mid-century property an open floor plan, a fresh color palette and contemporary design. ​​ During the renovation, treasured family keepsakes, such as their mother’s 1945 Steinway grand piano and antique Italian family heirlooms, will get a prominent display​​ (6​​ x​​ 30’).​​ 

CONTACT:​​ Discovery Networks, Silver Spring, MD, USA. Tel. 1-240-662-5900. Fax 1-240-662-1986. Web ​​ www.discovery.com​​ 



Produced by​​ SeaLight Pictures,​​ “Hitler’s Secret Bomb”​​ reveals the secrets of the Axis powers attempts to develop nuclear weapons.​​ In the final months of World​​ War II, how close were the Nazis and Japan to creating the nuclear explosion that would win the war? Did Nazi uranium make it to Japan in the final months of​​ the Second World War? Were the Axis powers closer to a bomb than we think? In this stylized, tension-filled documentary, drama unfolds as experts shed new light on the hardships, challenges and secrets of a war-torn, pre-nuclear world​​ (84’).

CONTACT:​​ Flame Distribution, Artarmon, NSW, Australia. Tel. 61-2-8065-4899. Email:​​ sales@flamedistribution.com ​​​​ Web:​​ www.flamemedia.tv